Learning Experience #3 ED100 – Ayanna Lyons

Ayanna Lyons

Dr. Shutkin

ED 100- Learning Experience #3

March 24, 2022

The assigned reading was New Teacher Book: Finding purpose, balance, and hope during your first years in the classroom. There were several readings in this chapter of the book. The different readings were Moving Beyond the Classroom by Stan Karp, Q/A: As a new educator, why should I be concerned about school privatization?, School Funding Basics by Stan Karp, Why Teacher Unions Matter by Bob Peterson, New Teachers Energize Their Union: Count Us In! by Gabriel Tanglao. The reading Moving Beyond the Classroom was about how teachers can incorporate outside things into their classrooms for their students and how actions being performed outside the classroom is a positive thing. The next part of the section focuses on the idea of school privatization. What is school privatization? What comes with school privatization? Who is affected by school privatization and what can teachers and other supporters of public education do to stop school privatization? School privatization is policymakers trying to alter public education funds and students into private districts. It is trying to make a contract with private for-profit commodities for many accountabilities. Privatization jeopardizes the idea of public education and its purpose as an institution in our self-government. There are different types of schools which are public, voucher, and charter schools. There are differences between each of these schools listed above. This section specifically discusses vouchers and charter schools. Whereas voucher schools are private schools that have students who receive publicly funded vouchers that pay either full tuition or half of it.  Then, on the other hand, charter schools are funded and sanctioned by state law but they are privately being run. According to Q/A: As a new educator, why should I be concerned about school privatization? it states, “We must work with parents and communities to ensure that public schools are adequately and fairly funded. Affordable housing, healthcare for all, and living wage jobs are necessary so that our students and their families have the quality of life they deserve. As educators, we should insist that our unions, the single largest organized voice for working people in this nation, take up social justice issues and make them a reality. It’s up to us to take the next steps” (New Teacher Book). This quote is recognizing several problems that many people are facing to this day and provides a possible solution to ‘higher up people’ or just other resources that can strive to make a change. This next reading is about how schools aren’t getting fairly funded like how they should. Also, they are not receiving the resources that they need to provide educational programs as well. The idea is that lower funded schools aren’t meeting certain needs and criteria so they get money taken away from them. This leads to the lower funded schools having a difficult time trying to come up with the money. The section Why Teacher Unions Matter discusses the importance of a union. While also discussing the basics of unions and the idea of a social justice union. Then, it leads to the following question..why do teacher unions matter anyway? The answer to this question is teachers rally together to gain the support they need and appropriate funding to improve the education system. Finally, the section New Teachers Energize Their Union: Count Us In! is about how a teacher feels that they should not be the only person of color on the leadership board. Therefore this teacher and other co-workers work together to try to make a change. These readings are developed by teachers who are trying to ‘move behind the classroom’. In other words, the teachers are trying to be activists and use the opportunities around them for a positive outcome. I think the author wants to show that just because you are a new teacher or a first-year teacher that you have a voice and you can make a change. The point of view of these readings is a social justice perspective because they recognize the importance of equality and community for all. My learning circle decided to focus on school funding. We emphasized school funding because as we all project to be future educators, it is important to see and be aware of school funding. Also, to know how it can affect us and people in the environment as well. The design of our learning experience was to inform our classmates while including different discussion questions and a game to keep them engaged as much as possible. We used a google slide https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/16PUNTsdAxxswbBgaxJ9VP7hnZFOGuKXR-mA8ToBUl5Q/edit?usp=sharing to demonstrate our lesson to the class. My contribution to the design of the learning experience was to read my assigned slides and elaborate on them as much as I could to enable our classmates to understand the concept. Also, I had to come up with something engaging for the class so our lesson wouldn’t be all lecture-based. For the most part, the majority of the class was engaged in the lessons that we presented.

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