Learning Experience #3 ED253 – Ayanna Lyons

Ayanna Lyons

Dr. Shutkin

ED 251- Learning Experience #3

March 24, 2022

My lived experiences connect with the theme of this assigned reading because as I read this reading I began to realize that I have experienced this firsthand. When I say that I have experienced this firsthand, I mean the fact that I attended a public school in elementary and middle school that was in a low socioeconomic area. It was very low funded and the environment reflected this. I didn’t fully understand the fact that some of the people who attended this school were in poverty. I actually don’t think that I knew much about poverty and what it even entails. Furthermore, over the years I always wondered why some people didn’t have access to certain things or the fact that they didn’t have specific things that I did. I never even knew the reason behind my school looking the way it did or operating the way that it did was due to the fact that it was low funded and under-resourced. The main themes of this assigned reading were how important poverty is and its effects on people who are in poverty. Additionally, the concept of how students in poverty need support from the education system. The author uses evidence such as references because at the end of this article they attached the reference pages that they used to present their information. Since the author did refer to other sources instead of just speaking from their opinion, this enhances the credibility of the speaker. Along with this, the author also uses numerical data to present their ideas. For example, according to the article, “In 2001, almost 12 million children in America, or 16% of children, lived below the official federal poverty line; almost half of those (a little more than 5 million and including nearly a million African American children) lived in extreme poverty (less than half the poverty line, or $7,400 in annual income for a family of three). These disturbing figures represent an increase of 17% in the number of children living in extreme poverty from 2000, the end of the economic ‘‘boom’’ (Cauthen & Lu, 2001, p. 3; Dillon, 2003, p. 3; Lu, 2003, pp. 1–2)” (Anyon, Jean, Greene, Kiersten). This quote shows how the author is not only referring to other sources for information but also including statistics as well to point out an important point. The author of this article has a political perspective because the whole idea of urban school reform is a political concept. What it would take for students to have the resources to thrive could be effectively accomplished through political means. My reflection regarding the reading such as the implications for schooling is that the educational system should offer more resources to families in poverty. In the assigned reading, the organization New Hope provided financial assistance, and the parents got free child care. This leads to the students being able to achieve better behavior and test scores in school. I think it is very important for students to feel like a place where they spend most of their time, which is where a school can be comfortable and safe for them. I know for a fact that when schools offer things like free or reduced lunch that it really can help students. Even just offering free after-school snacks to students can be beneficial to them as well. As some students may not have the financial access to food or snacks outside of school, if schools provide these types of things in schools it can reduce the effects of poverty. A specific theme in the reading that we decided to focus on is how poverty can affect students in many different ways. We felt like this theme was important to emphasize because as future educators we need to recognize that this is a crucial issue that is often overlooked or not addressed as much as it needs to be. Therefore, since we all striving to be future educators, we need to be aware and active in this as the problem needs to be addressed. We wanted our classmates to learn how kids in poverty struggle and do not have the same opportunities as kids in a higher social class. My contribution to the planning of this lesson plan was to create my slides which were the engaging question slides that we presented to the class. Also, we all worked collaboratively to figure out what activity we were going to use in our lesson to promote learning and creativity. We all decided on our learning objectives and the main theme that we wanted to emphasize to the class. My responsibilities when we were teaching the class were to read the slides that I created. Additionally, to facilitate the questions and the activity that we wanted our classmates to participate in for the day. The link to our google slide that we used to present our information is https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1TEcJCHiECTeN3XBW0UecWaCQqo9n-CHqhFykdXmqlB8/edit?usp=sharing.

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